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Global Postback

Global Postback

For every offer complete, we will make a call to the Global Postback URL that you indicated in your account settings. We will attach the information that you have required when completing the postback url.

Our server will make a HTTP GET request to your server including the parameters that you have added. Here is the list of available macros.

Parameter Description
{status} When a lead occurs you will receive a postback with status, "credited". If the lead is canceled by the advertiser, you will receive another postback with the status "rejected".
{offer_id} Id of the offer completed.
{offer_name} Name of the offer completed.
{aff_click_id} The value that you used in the aff_click_id parameter.
{aff_sub} The value that you used in the aff_sub parameter.
{aff_sub2} The value that you used in the aff_sub2 parameter.
{aff_sub3} The value that you used in the aff_sub3 parameter.
{aff_sub4} The value that you used in the aff_sub4 parameter.
{transaction_id} Unique identification code of the transaction. If the lead is rejected we will send a postback with the same transaction ID but with status "rejected".
{ip} The IP address who completed the action.
{goal_id} If the offer has goals, the goal related to the lead.
{payout} The offer payout in $

Forming the postback URL

Our system IP is, you should accept only postbacks coming from this IP address.

As we use macros to build the postback URL, it's as simple as incorporating each macro in the place corresponding to the parameter value you want in the URL to which you want us to call. This way, you can use parameter names of your choice.

In the following example, we have decided to receive the revenue in the parameter "money" and the transaction ID in the parameter "leadId".