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Efficiently syndicate flexible content via cost effective initiatives completely leverage vertical quality.
Turn your mobile visitors into your best customers.

Wannads offerwall monetize your traffic


Add an iframe to your web and reward your users, monetize your traffic.

Wannads offer wall integrate

Mobile SDK

Native Android and iOS mobile SDK.

Wannads offerwall mobile SDK
Wannads offer wall API integration

Offers API

Select the campaigns that you want and present it to your users as you want.

Wannads paid surveys

Paid Surveys OfferWall

Specific wall full of surveys for your users.

How our offerwall works

Wannads is the platform that allows you to monetize a website, application or game. Our different tools enable our publishers to earn money from those users who do not generate a direct profit. We can provide automatized, segmented and automatically translated offers from more than 100 countries.

Wannads offerwall paid surveys

We develop to monetize your service

We create tools that enable you to monetize your service, as well as helping you with their integration.

With our offer wall you make money

Integration is faster and easier than you think. You will soon start to earn money from your users.

Your users are happy

Your users will be rewarded thanks to our advertisers’ campaigns. Everyone wins.

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Efficiently syndicate flexible content via cost effective initiatives completely leverage vertical quality.
Turn your mobile visitors into your best customers with our monetization options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wannads offerwall with SDK tools

Singing up on Wannads is completely free and is also free to setup or integrate. Wannads obtains only a percentage of your earnings. If you do not win, neither do we.
This means: no transaction fees, no monthly fees and no minimum fees.

Wannads is a global service and can be integrated into businesses around the world and can also be used by people around the world, at first. However, we must clarify that we defer to the needs of the advertiser and they determine which type of public they want, basing on age, sex or location. Likewise, if there is no advertisers from some country, could be possible not having ads for that place.

Our products can be integrated into many sites as they are based on a standard iframe. Wannads is valid for online games, applications, social networks, sites that offer videos or music and for mobile content.

Offerwall is a way for your users to earn virtual currency/credits/points. Users can earn credits by completing several offers (e.g. watching videos, filling surveys, downloads, playing games, sign ups, etc...). When the user successfully completes each offer, he/she will receive a variable amount of the virtual currency and, in the same moment, you will receive your payout just as if the user had purchased credits with real money. Instead of paying, the user complete advertising campaigns and thus you get your money. We have campaigns for leading companies and intended for users of many countries around the world. The offerwall can be adapted to your computer or mobile phone.

We can pay you via PayPal, Bitcoin and, if you need it, we can send payments by Bank Transfer. We can send your money anywhere in the world.

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